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It takes a skilled team to build products and tell stories today. On Demand Teams help organizations to get great work done in a fast changing environment.

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What On Demand Teams offer

On Demand Teams offer a flexible way of working and get things done fast and effectively.

Have control of key priorities

The Core Team stewards and oversees the team’s activities and makes key decisions to achieve the objectives. These are usually full-time team members.

Plan seasonal resources

Depending on the initiative, On Demand Teams allow the organization to bring in talent with the right skills across multiple functions. The composition of the team’s skillsets could vary across different times, depending on the needs of the team.

Grow new capabilities

The team may want to build out its technology or analytics infrastructure to help them to capture and manage data across their systems. Project based team members with the specialist skills provides them with know-how to build these capabilities.

Pilot and experiment

To meet customers’ demands, organizations need to pilot new solutions and deploy them fast and at scale. On Demand Teams is the only cost effective way to allow organizations to run hundreds of campaigns at the same time.


Why On Demand Teams?

At a time when a shopping cart or a web page is abandoned in seconds, the old way of pitching and developing a customer strategy over many months no longer meets the customer’s needs.

On Demand Teams allow organizations to evaluate customer problems, and build and deploy solutions fast and at scale.

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Manage your ecosystem more effectively

Today's organization invests resources extensively to run and manage the external teams they work with. These include their agency-of-record, their digital agencies, tech consultancies, digital software platforms and data providers.

All of these require careful coordination and huge operating costs to run effectively, to achieve the organization's goals.

On Demand Teams give organizations the opportunity to grow their core competencies and react to external events in an unprecedented way, allowing internal teams to be fully equipped with the skills and capabilities necessary to operate effectively.


What makes On Demand Teams work

Cross functional teams

Have all the skills you need to accomplish your mission, without many organisational dependencies.

Agile methodology

It brings together a team of skilled people who can work together at speed and at scale.

Asynchronous communication

It’s now necessary to master workflows that enable efficiency. So the focus is on getting work done, not on meetings.

Resource efficiency

Plan as much work as you need to meet your organization’s objectives, and scale up only when you need it.


How does on demand compare

On demand

On Demand Teams provide organizations with the skills needed to build and experiment fast. Because of the lower operating costs required, there are minimal risks involved.

External agencies

Navigating in a fast paced environment can be more challenging with external agencies, as they require time to hire the right resources and discuss the scope of new work.

In house

Teams looking to bring outsourced functions in house will require larger capital investment. There may be greater operating costs and execution risk, as the composition of the team’s skill sets will be more rigid.

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Who can work with On Demand Teams

Leverage channel experts

Plan as much work as you need for your projects and scale up with your business.

Work with top talents

Work with talents perfectly matching your needs and business type. Choose from hundreds of optional talents.

Hire for today

Recruit fast and effectively. Hire talents within 48h and pay only for the job done with risk-free guarantees.

Build agile teams

Leverage talents with the right tech expertise to build teams that can adapt to changing demands and priorities.

Boost overall efficiency

Improve your team efficiency by more than 70% while reducing overheads with on demand teams.

Scale quickly

With access to a world class talent network, scale quickly to meet your project milestones and create impact.

Advocate for experimentation

Bring in the right skills and experience to test new hypotheses.

Set up for enterprise

Know how to launch cross-functional, large scale projects.

Customised team configurations

Hire individual talents, teams or managed projects for each respective project.

Hire just in time

Onboard your staff when client projects begin, not weeks in advance.

Win new business

Pitch for new business with new in-demand capabilities.

Flexible resource planning

Say yes to taking up more work without constraints to your staffing.


What Our Clients Say

“Hiring talent was way faster with Hire Digital. We could seamlessly hire marketers with the credibility we wanted in the B2D sector.”

Kamal Laungani

Global Developer Ecosystem Lead

"Hire Digital has been a great help. We were able to work with capable talent who saved us a lot of time. The Hire Digital team ensures that we find good talent matches and they’ve been very responsive."

Bernice Tan

Regional Communications |
Zuellig Pharma

"Working with an experienced team of talent and consistent quality in output and it has saved time in the number of briefings and revisions. I think our content has improved largely due to working with Hire Digital"

Alicia Cheng

Employer Branding Marketing
| Philips

"Hire Digital makes it work every single time, and the quality of work is second to none. You can be assured that they will always deliver, regardless of what is sent to them."

Jackson Sim

Cluster Director of Digital Marketing
| Marriott

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It could be helpful to learn how Hire Digital can help you in these different sectors and organization types, among various others. Explore by sector, function, or skill for your business.



It could be helpful to learn how Hire Digital can help you in these different sectors and organization types, among various others. Explore by sector, function, or skill for your business.

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